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Bible Software Web Suite of Lin

My Heart


Trying to explain the purpose and uses for all this material. My goal is to make this available for around the world access 24/7 for any student of Gods Holy Word to access and find answers to research questions already developed and ready to read.


I am trying to make available many years of efforts in development of Bible Studies.

I need much help to polish them up and get them around the world for those who are hungry for Gods Holy Word.

I am working on organizational thinking and structure.

I need web development to make it available in a logical structure.


I need someone to help translate it to different languages. Most of my material is References material and a reference is a reference no matter what language it is in. You will find mistakes and many details not finished but with over ten million pages I only have a certain amount of time to view these. Formatting  is a major area I need help on also


I am looking for a book publisher to publish some of these works as I feel the quality of product of some studies is valuable to get into book form.











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