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VOC-51 Audio MP3 Bible Memory Verse Files - KJV Bible - 75 hours - 31,000 verse files - (1) data DVD disk

Examples Using Psalms Chapter 23

Psalms Chapter 23:01 Psalms Chapter 23:02 Psalms Chapter 23:03 Psalms Chapter 23:04 Psalms Chapter 23:05 Psalms Chapter 23:06

Press to play a audio sample for John Chapter 03 the start of a new beginning for your life.

John Chapter 03

  • These audio recordings are copyrighted and eBibleProductions has a signed license from the copyright owner to sell these recordings of the KJV Bible which are recordings by Willard Waggoner (former missionary to India).

       Complete Audio KJV Bible in MP3 Format in 31000 verse files

       Listen to this MP3 Bible as you travel using an MP3 compatible car stereo or while using a portable CD MP3 player

       This Complete Audio KJV Bible in MP3 Format is encoded at 128kbps

       User friendly navigation with individual Old or New Testament Book and Chapter folders so you can select the verse or verses you want to listen to for memorization.

  • Formatted for full stereo quality Higher Quality than other competitor's product on (1) or (2) CD's MP3 Bibles
  • Media: Complete KJV audio Bible on 1 DVD
  • Technology: 75 total hours of Audio encoded into MP3 from WAV Masters Most newer DVD players are MP3 compatible which can also play the MP3 files on these CD's  MP3 files transferable from your PC to your MP3 player and your IPod player MP3’s CD's can be played on MP3 compatible CD players Recorded in a Professional Studio for 100% Digital Quality  

Item Name: Audio MP3 Bible Memory Verse Files - KJV Bible - 75 hours - 31,000 verse files - (1) data DVD disk

Item Number: VOC-51
Price: $14.95

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